FEL announces pre-series registrations for new Canadian Sportscar racing platform.

}  January 15, 2021

FEL is excited to announce that they have received 16 paid deposits from various teams in Canada in their quest to launch a new sports car racing platform for 2021.

“The response from the Canadian sports car community has truly been amazing. The quality of the teams that have stepped up, not only to confirm their participation but to also offer technical and logistics support has been humbling,” said FEL President, Chris Bye.

FEL has received deposits for 16 current homologated race cars. Teams like Hyundai Racing Canada, Blanchet Motorsports, Mark Motors Racing, TWOth Autosport and GT Racing have entered a total of no less than 9 Touring cars. FEL has also received deposits from Paragon Competition, Speedstar Motorsports, GT Racing, AIM Autosport, Multimatic Motorsports and Pfaff Motorsports to bring the paid number of GT4 cars to 7.

FEL has also had talks with teams who are in their planning stage and not able to commit as of this time. “We feel confident that once we announce the schedule we will be up over 20 cars,” said Chris.

“We have some of the most successful sports car teams in the business. They have high expectations and we look forward to the challenge of meeting those expectations,” Chris Bye continued. “As we have said from the outset, we are completely focused on offering teams a value proposition by being transparent and giving back.”

For 2021, FEL has 5 weekends currently on hold with venues with plans for a 6th. All weekends will be doubleheaders at some of Canada’s greatest race tracks. The schedule is fluid at this time due to COVID and other challenges. FEL plans to announce a schedule and next steps in the very near future as they continue to work hard to make the series official.