Why Race in the Emzone Radical Cup Canada?

With the variation in vehicle performance being minimal, driver skill becomes the most important factor in the Emzone Radical Cup Canada.

We have seen drivers of all ages come from across Ontario and Quebec to compete against each other. The series has shaped into a blend of up-and-coming talent and seasoned veteran drivers, all of whom have proved their place on the Emzone RCC grid. Radical teams and drivers rave about the professional look and feel as well as the fun environment of the FEL Motorsports paddock.

Entry Fees and Package Details

Get out your driving gloves and put your skills to the test!

Over the past two years, the Emzone RCC has attracted record Radical grids in Canada with a mix of wily veterans and enthusiastic rookies. The series has paved the way for drivers such as Austin Riley (2021 RCC Champion and 2022 Radical Cup North America Overall Champion) and Jonathan Woolridge (2022 Radical Champion and 2022 Radical World Finals 3rd Place finish) to take their racing careers international.
The Emzone Radical Cup Canada presented by Michelin is a competitive, fair, and fun environment for drivers who are looking to develop their skills, level up their racing resume, or enjoy an exhilarating weekend at the track all the while putting on a show for friends, family and fans.

Radical Driving for Young Talent

Take your racing resume to the next level in the Emzone Radical Cup Canada. This exhilarating series has become an attractive playing field for young talent coming up through the ranks in Canada. Radical cars have minimal maintenance and are manufactured to offer an equal playing field. This allows driving talent to take the credit for big wins and big mistakes.
For drivers developing their talent, Radicals are a perfect logical step whether you are coming out of karting, F1600, or simply looking to enhance your prototype driving skills.


This Season with Emzone RCC


The 2023 season will consist of twelve races over four weekends and see stops at three of Canada’s five largest motorsport events. The racing format will get each driver 100+ minutes of track time between practice, qualifying and three races per weekend.
Prize Winner


Sanctioned by FEL Motorsports, these high-profile event weekends are jam-packed with excitement from the competitive racing to drivers meeting draws for tires and Emzone products, every driver has a chance to win at each event. Did we mention that the trophies are super cool too?!
If that isn’t enough, the 2023 prize package will have dedicated teams racing their hearts out for a piece of the Championship prize money and a spot in the 2023 Radical World Finals. This year, even drivers who don’t podium will be entered to win the grand prize draw of two tickets, two round-trip flights and accommodations at the 2023 Las Vegas Formula 1 race!

Marketing Support:

FEL Motorsports is dedicated to the growth of motorsport in Canada. We have developed sponsorship packages for teams to share with potential sponsors. We also offer customized branding and marketing materials for teams to provide their sponsors with branded real-estate at events, branded hero cards for autograph sessions, and sponsor links accessible through team profiles on the FEL Motorsports website.
New in 2023, FEL Motorsports is introducing team profiles where teams will be able to showcase their driver talent, crew, and driving/performance history. These profiles will allow teams to upload their own gallery, link to social media and websites, and give fans more information about the team.


Entry Fees and Package Details are available here >

About Radical Sportscars

The Radical brand is internationally recognized with 14 championships around the world for Radical sportscars. The Radical race car is exciting to watch and drive with it’s incredible downforce combined with exhilarating speed! Radical is the only prototype manufacturer to offer a premium factory supported single-make series on multiple continents, all with GT eclipsing performance but without approaching anything like a GT budget.

Radicals are a lightweight race car that uses superbike technology. They are totally driver focused and rewarding to drive. Cars are easy to operate and offer unparalleled levels of performance.
To learn more about Radical Sportscars, visit radicalcanada.ca

FEL Motorsports

Buying / Renting

In Canada, Radicals can be purchased at Radical Canada. Provided there is inventory, you can purchase right away, though typically, they take about 6 weeks to build. Radical Canada owner, Robert Burgess, is the distributor of Radicals in Canada and is in attendance at every Emzone RCC weekend to provide support.

Renting a Radical to race in the Emzone RCC is simple. There are a number of teams who already race with us that have renting capabilities:

RySpec Racing
The racing programs with RySpec Racing are developed to maximize the driving time of young and developing talent, while also marketing them the best they can off track. By managing all logistics like transport, prep, branding, marketing, crew, and a series development path. Being transparent and educating drivers empowers them to make decisions to develop their career with the long term in mind.
Learn more about RySpec by visiting ryspec.ca

TWOth Autosport
A motorsport organization with over 20 years of racing experience, specializing in production-based sportscar racing. Whether you’re new to the sport and want to grow as efficiently as possible, a seasoned driver looking to partner with the right team, or a business owner looking for the best ROI in motorsports, TWOth Autosport has the resources to make sure every part of your racing program is well prepared to achieve success. Headed by internationally respected technician/car chief, Trevor Hill, and driver/coach brother, Travis Hill, TWOth Autosport continues to build their Ottawa-based racing team and driver development program to one of the best in the business.
Learn more about TWOth Autosport by visiting twothautosport.com

Radical Canada East
As a Radical dealer, Radical Canada can help you find the right Radical to support your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for a new Radical to call your own, a used vehicle to try it out, single day rentals, or full race season rentals, experience the Radical advantage with Radical Canada. The coaching and trackside support is there to make every track day as stress free as possible, allowing you to focus on one thing: driving.
Learn more about Radical Canada East by visiting radicalcanada.ca/services

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