Ontario Tech University and ACE

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About Ontario Tech University

A modern, forwarding-thinking university, Ontario Tech advances the discovery and application of knowledge to accelerate economic growth, regional development and social innovation. We inspire and equip our students and our graduates to make a positive impact in a tech-focused world. For us, it’s not only about developing the next tech breakthrough. Understanding and integrating the social and ethical implications of technology differentiates us as university. Students at Ontario Tech learn new approaches to problem solving along with innovative and ethical uses of technology. Learner-centred hands-on experiences are a key component of degree programs. The university has a strong track record for teaming with industry, community, government and academic partners, and connecting researchers and students to find answers to pressing questions.

Automotive Engineering and Ontario Tech Racing

Ontario Tech’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science (FEAS) offers Canada’s only fully accredited standalone undergraduate program in Automotive Engineering. It also delivers Master of Applied Science and Master of Engineering programs in Automotive Engineering. Ontario Tech Racing is a student motorsports club based out of FEAS that empowers students with the enriching, hands-on learning experience of designing, budgeting, funding and building a Formula-style electric racecar. The club’s student design-team members cultivate innovation and embrace the multidisciplinary challenges faced by professional motorsport teams. The university’s relationship with FEL Motorsports is a shared mission to help Ontario Tech students gain practical experiences through internships and co-op placements with series sponsors and manufacturers. FEL Motorsports will also support student recruitment both at and away from the racetrack.

About the Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE) at Ontario Tech

ACE is Canada’s key core research and development facility for proof-of-concept exploration in transportation, energy, motorsports and more. ACE’s experienced engineers and technicians deliver solutions to any product development or testing problem. The renowned ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel can recreate any weather condition a test object will experience—from the blistering heat in Death Valley to the frigid conditions in the Arctic as well as crosswinds and wind speeds up to 280 km/h. ACE’s Moving Ground Plane is a giant belt that acts as a road moving under a vehicle, simulating the aerodynamic forces against moving vehicles, and measuring physical characteristics in real-world conditions. It will help companies and researchers create new energy-efficient products and reduce carbon emissions in the automotive industry. The Moving Ground Plane will also give the university’s students the tools to train and conduct research in a high-tech environment, preparing them for the careers of the future.

Websites for more Ontario Tech information

Main university website: ontariotechu.ca
ACE home page: ace.ontariotechu.ca
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science: engineering.ontariotechu.ca
Ontario Tech Racing: ontariotechracing.ca

“Ontario Tech University is very excited to partner with FEL Motorsports and to extend more experiential learning opportunities for our students. Bringing together motorsports with the university’s high-tech ACE testing facility offers series champions a unique experience that will help them to further advance their racing capabilities.”


– Susan T. McGovern, Vice-President, External Relations and Advancement, Ontario Tech University.