FEL partners with Performance Prime

}  April 29, 2021

FEL is excited to announce that the Sports Car Championship Canada presented by Michelin has partnered with Dr. Jacques Dallaire from Performance Prime for the 2021 Championship. Both the GT4 and TC Champion will win a two day program followed by one year of support with a value of $9,500 USD. Travel not included.

Jacques has a Doctorate from the University of Alberta and went on to teach at McGill University in Montreal. After which he went on to become the Manager of Science and Medicine Programs at Sport Canada working for the Canadian Government. After that, Jacques started the Human Performance Institute in Montreal focusing on helping people achieve athletic and professional excellence.

Jacques moved to Charlotte North Carolina where he now runs Performance Prime at Charlotte Motor Speedway. He continues to work with high performing individuals.

“I have known Jacques for many years and have had the opportunity to go through one of his programs. The thing that Jacques does best is bring the things you can change and the things you can’t, into clear focus. The lessons I learned from Jacques has truly helped me run our day to day business and has helped me immensely through COVID,” said FEL President Chris Bye.

“I’m honored to work with Chris and his team at FEL Motorsports in support of the Sports Car Championship Canada presented by Michelin! As a Canadian myself, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work with more than 100 Canadian racers since 1983 and look forward to welcoming the GT4 and TC class champions into the Performance Prime family at the end of the season. I’m confident that the knowledge that has come out of my work with more than 850 racers from around the world, as well as thousands of other top performers from many other sports and professions, will help these series champions better understand the mental side of the high-performance racing game, as they continue to pursue their goals in the years ahead.”

About Performance Prime

Performance Prime develops and delivers programs & products that are designed to help individuals, teams & groups realize their maximum performance potential. Our clients come from many walks of life but they share a common ambition, to be successful at the highest levels of the performance world in which they work or compete.

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