FEL Motorsports Announces Official Endorsement of Veteran Run Non-Profit Organization, Operation Motorsport.

}  June 24, 2021

In recent weeks, FEL Motorsports met with Tiffany and Diezel Lodder, the front people of Operation Motorsport in Canada, to discuss the opportunities that the motorsports community offers to military veterans. Operation Motorsport is part of a North American initiative with organizations in the USA, and Canada, providing retired military veterans with support and placements in motorsport communities around the world.

Operation Motorsport (also known as OpMo), currently offers two means of support for military veterans. First, Motorsport Immersion, which assists medically releasing service members and disabled veterans to become part of a new team. Second, Diversionary Therapy, where the use of recreational motorsports activities such as SIM racing, car corrals and driving experiences are a form of therapy that promotes self esteem and personal fulfillment through activity and involvement. Both of these initiatives are driven by the mission to provide Team, Identity, and Purpose for their beneficiaries.

“After discussing with Tiffany and Diezel, we are aware of the struggles that ex-military personnel face in their day-to-day lives. If we can help to move the needle in a positive direction through motorsports, we want to do our part”, said FEL Motorsports Series Manager, Jessica Benevides. “The similarities between military and motorsports are very apparent and the work being done by Operation Motorsports is changing and saving lives,” Benevides continued, “Operation Motorsports provides community support and new growth opportunities to veterans lacking a vision for their future.”

“As we begin our fifth year, we are fortunate to have found this partnership within Canada with an exciting new series where we can grow and develop together relationships that will benefit OpMo’s beneficiary’s in their recovery, and FEL’s teams and partners,” said Executive Director Tiffany Lodder. “This series is what it’s all about, introducing beneficiaries to a new Team and Identity, and giving them a renewed Purpose. Activating in motorsports brings them back into a team environment that they have lost by leaving the military.”

FEL Motorsports will endorse Operation Motorsports in their mission to build awareness of their work. FEL will assist in finding placements for military veterans within the FEL Motorsports community among the teams. Current SCCC and FCC competitors, TWOth Autosport, are already partnered with Operation Motorsports with six beneficiaries working alongside the TWOth Autosport team, two who attended Races 1&2 at CTMP. One hundred percent of funds donated to OpMo go to ill, injured and wounded Service Members and disabled Veterans to assist with attending motorsport events.