FEL Motorsports Announces First-ever FEL Motorsports Academy

}  February 11, 2022

FEL Motorsports is excited to announce its first-ever FEL Motorsports Academy, scheduled to take place April 1st, 2nd,
and 3rd at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park’s Driver Development Track.

FEL Motorsports has teamed up with Brack Driving Concepts and the CASC to deliver an approved curriculum for drivers
looking to obtain their race licence, or to upgrade their licence to enter one of the two professional FEL Motorsports
series. This 3-day licencing program has been designed to allow drivers of different levels/grades and experience the
opportunity to obtain a full CASC race licence for the start of the 2022 racing season.

Students must bring a street-legal and safe vehicle for the first two days of the school and will then be able to run their
race cars on Sunday, provided they’ve advanced and satisfactorily completed the initial 2 days. The school fee includes
one day of testing race cars for those who are signed-off. Upon successful completion of this FEL Motorsports Academy,
drivers will be able to apply for a CASC-OR race licence.

The program is formatted to entail one full day of in-class training on Friday, with plenty of track time available in
30-minute sessions on Saturday and Sunday. Students will share the track, rotating between the school and the FEL
Motorsports teams who choose to take advantage of the Test & Tune program scheduled for the same weekend. The early
April date will give everyone a head start on the race season.

FEL Motorsports Race Directors Terry Dale and Rolf von Engelbrechten will be on site in support of Brack Driving

FEL Motorsports Sporting Directors and Canadian Motorsport Hall of Famers Robin Buck and Peter Lockhart will also be
in attendance to support the Brack and FEL coaches to give advice and support to all attendees, whether licence students
or drivers competing in one of the FEL Motorsports series who are there testing.

The fee of $1,995 includes the school, track time, daily lunch, one day of testing for licence school students, as well as
input and coaching from all instructors on site including Robin Buck and Peter Lockhart.

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