FEL Motorsports Announces Test & Tune Weekend

}  February 11, 2022

FEL Motorsports is gearing up for 2022!

Three days of track time will be available for FEL Motorsports teams to help them prepare for a competitive season. The
FEL Motorsports Test & Tune weekend is scheduled for April 1st, 2nd and 3rd at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park’s Driver
Development Track.

Friday is an open day, with one hundred percent of the track time being dedicated to FEL Motorsports teams. On
Saturday and Sunday track time will be divided into 30-minute intervals to share the track with the participants of the first
ever FEL Motorsports Academy, the accelerated race licencing program conducted by Brack Driving Concepts, along with
FEL and the CASC.

FEL Motorsports invites teams and drivers from both the Sports Car Championship Canada and the Radical Cup Canada
to register for this event, to practice and prepare their cars for the first race of the season scheduled for May 20th, 21st,
and 22nd.

The fee of $1,295 includes the track booked from 9am-5pm daily and lunch provided on all three days.

Register for FEL Motorsports Test & Tune Weekend

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