FEL Motorsports introduces Masters class for Radical Cup Canada presented by Michelin

}  November 24, 2023

FEL Motorsports introduces Masters class for Radical Cup Canada presented by Michelin


FEL Motorsports introduces Masters class for Radical Cup Canada presented by Michelin


ST. CATHARINES, ON (November 24, 2023) – FEL Motorsports is excited to announce a new class for the Radical Cup Canada (RCC) presented by Michelin beginning in 2024. The Masters class is a separate competition within the championship dedicated to the most competitive drivers aged 40 and older.


The RCC has attracted a field of young talent looking to build a career in top-level prototype racing. With this, the ‘pointy-end’ of the RCC field has come to see tight racing and fierce competition with the most recent example being the battle this season between the top three championship candidates; Jake Cowden, Kenny Riedmann, and Gavin Sanders.


The new Masters class is intended to recognize those who may not be competing at the front of the grid overall, but are nonetheless pushing the limits of themselves on-track and winning battles throughout the field.


“Radicals are open-cockpit sports cars with light-weight and high speed. The customers are thrill seekers who, no matter what stage of life, appreciate a fast car and a fun ride,” said series Manager, Jessica Benevides, of the Radical sports car. “The competition is getting more difficult with the rise in talent being attracted to the RCC, and this is about recognizing the skill and commitment of the drivers who already have successful careers that allow them to race.”


Radical Cup Canada drivers age 40 and older will have the option to opt into the Masters championship. The class will have a separate ‘Masters’ podium ceremony, trophies for each race, and separate championship points allocation. Masters class competitors will not be eligible to place on overall podiums and championship standings.


“While the Radical Cup Canada will continue to be a single-make series for the Radical SR3 1340cc chassis, we recognize the need to provide meaningful and exciting competition throughout the field,” said Chris Bye, President of FEL Motorsports. “Sure, the Radical models are an excellent stepping stone for young drivers looking to make a career in prototype racing, but they are just as great of a track toy as they are a development tool,” he concluded.


FEL Motorsports will be releasing the 2024 Radical Cup Canada presented by Michelin schedule in the coming weeks.




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