FEL Motorsports announces new CTMP Cup for 2024 schedule

}  March 11, 2024

FEL Motorsports announces new CTMP Cup for 2024 schedule


Secondary championship for SCCC and RCC competitors who compete at all four CTMP races


ST. CATHARINES, ON (March 11, 2024) – FEL Motorsports is thrilled to announce the CTMP Cup, set to debut during the 2024 Victoria Day SpeedFest and Labour Day Sprints weekends. Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP), a track deeply ingrained in Canada’s racing culture and pride, boasts a challenging layout that has fostered the careers of numerous great Canadian racers. Its intimidating, relatively unchanged track design rewards bravery while demanding consistency and smoothness. The CTMP Cup is a tribute to the track’s national significance to motorsport in Canada, and is a way to build and continue such a valued Canadian legacy at the only venue visited twice a season by the Sports Car Championship Canada (SCCC) and Emzone Radical Cup Canada (RCC) both presented by Michelin.


The CTMP Cup is a separate championship within the SCCC presented by Michelin, covering all three classes, as well as the Emzone RCC presented by Michelin and the new Emzone RCC Masters class – a class dedicated to Radical competitors above 40 years old. Points accumulated through the two CTMP weekends, a total of four races (two per weekend), will determine the CTMP Cup winners.


The two-weekend format offers a chance for new drivers to compete in this micro-championship as well as a chance at redemption for participants who may have encountered challenges at other venues on the season calendar, like renowned street circuits; GP3R and the streets of Toronto. This promotes meaningful competition throughout the season, irrespective of the overall championship standings. Champions of the CTMP Cup not only secure the title of being the fastest in the field at CTMP, but can also expect to receive exclusive prizing. Specific prizing details will be revealed by FEL Motorsports in the coming weeks.


“As a tribute to the significance of Canadian Tire Motorsport Park within our racing community and heritage, we are proud to introduce the CTMP Cup. This championship adds a unique competitive aspect to our platform while paying homage to the legacy of this iconic circuit, rightfully considered the home of Canadian Motorsport” said Chris Bye, President of FEL Motorsports.


Stay tuned for further announcements regarding the CTMP Cup, including detailed prizing information and updates on the upcoming race weekends.



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