About FEL Motorsports


FEL is a learning and promotion company serving the North American automotive sector since 1986. FEL service solutions bring automotive products and the market into sharper focus for sales, press and consumer audiences. The FEL head office is located in St. Catharines, Ontario, with sales offices in Toronto and Detroit.

Why FEL Motorsports?

Chris Bye at Track


With decades of experience as a driver, team owner and sponsor, FEL President Chris Bye is uniquely positioned to reinvigorate professional Canadian Motorsports while increasing exposure. Chris Bye has been teammates with some of the sport’s greatest drivers like Scott Goodyear, Scott Sharp, David Donohue, Randy Pobst and Hurley Haywood.

Chris’ long and deep motorsport roots have been the catalyst to forming lifelong friendships with many of motorsport’s elite around the world. FEL has remained in tight-knit with the motorsport world through sponsorship of some of Canada’s great young drivers including James Hinchcliffe, James Vance and Scott Hargrove. These relationships have played a role in FEL becoming a major player in the automotive marketing world today and they have been the driving force in making the decision which has lead to FEL Motorsports.



FEL joined the 2017 Toyo Tires F1600 Series to support grassroots racing in Canada. As a feature sponsor in the Toyo F1600 Championship, FEL’s goal was to build grids and support young, up and coming drivers. During their three-year engagement, fields went from twelve to fifteen cars to over thirty. The drivers running Honda powered A-class cars were paid prize money from HPD (Honda Performance Development) so the FEL sponsorship focused on a prize money package for the B-class cars as well as tow money. FEL paid $300 for 1st, $200 for 2nd and $100 for 3rd at each of the series races. On top of the prize money package FEL paid $300 tow money to the first five A or B class entrants who travelled more than 350 kms to any of the Ontario F1600 Series races. The $300 was paid out per race weekend, rather than per race.

Also in support of grassroots racing in Canada, FEL sponsored Formula 1200 driver, Matt Garwood. FEL is committed to providing opportunities of growth and sustainability in the Canadian automotive industry and this will continue to extend through FEL Motorsports in the Canadian motorsport landscape.