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Dr. Jacques is an internationally recognized performance coach, a Founding Member of the International Council of Motorsport Sciences, an Advisory Board Member of the Stand21 Safety Foundation, and was inducted into the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame in recognition of his state-of-the-art training strategies and impact on the sport. He is also the author of three books dealing with the mental skills side of the high-performance world who spends time delivering custom performance programs to business leaders, athletes, and teams seeking a meaningful edge.

Built on the science, methodologies, and experience that has informed Dr. Dallaire’s professional life over nearly five decades, the Performance Prime program is a finely-tuned process that is designed to address the challenges faced in today’s high-pressure world. The Unique training programs that we offer help our clients to develop the skills and framework to control their focus and maintain confidence, especially in the most challenging times. With a structured process of self-critique and self-correction, the functional relationship that exists between the conscious and the unconscious mind is explored, understood, and shaped to optimize performance.

The science that underpins these programs includes:

  • Psychometric testing
  • The objective measurement of mental skills
  • Performance modeling

By first understanding and then modeling an individual’s high-performance characteristics, we can create a personalized toolkit and strategy that each client can follow. This allows anyone to achieve a high-performance mindset, even when faced with extreme pressure.

“I’m honored to work with Chris and his team at FEL Motorsports in support of the Sports Car Championship Canada presented by Michelin! As a Canadian myself, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work with more than 100 Canadian racers since 1983 and look forward to welcoming the GT4 and TC class champions into the Performance Prime family at the end of the season.”


– Jacques Dallaire, President,
Performance Prime