2023 FEL Motorsports Sporting Regulations

Sports Car Championship Canada presented by Michelin
+ Emzone Radical Cup Canada presented by Michelin

FEL Motorsports

23 Hannover Dr. Suite 2

St. Catharines, ON, L2W1A3




These regulations are intended to assist in the conduct of Competitions and to further general safety. They are a guide
and in no way guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators or others. No express or implied warranties of

safety or fitness for a particular purpose shall be intended or result from publication or compliance with these regulations.

By applying for a competition licence and/or by entering a competition event, all participants are deemed to have

understood and accepted these terms, including that motorsport is inherently dangerous and it is each participant’s

obligation to meet and maintain compliance with all regulations to reduce the risk of death or injury to self or others,

recognizing that such risk is inherent to the sport and cannot be completely eliminated. It is ultimately the obligation

of each Member to ensure that their conduct and equipment comply with all applicable FEL Motorsports rules, as they

may be amended throughout the season. The 2023 Sporting Regulations supersede all previous editions of the Sporting

Regulations as well as all amendments thereto, and shall remain in force and effect until superseded by any future edition

of Sporting Regulations or further amendments.

This is an important document. All FEL Motorsports documents and events are intended to promote safety and

enhance the FEL Motorsports series’ competion. These regulations ensure the quality, fairness, and integrity of the FEL

Motorsports events and operations. All participating Drivers, Entrants and Participants in the Sports Car Championship

Canada Series and Emzone Radical Cup Canada Series acknowledge that they are aware of, and agree to adhere to,

these Series Regulations and the terms stated therein. Failure to read, understand, and comply with the rules provides no

relief from the rules. Please contact the appropriate department if you have any questions in relation to these rules.

In any rare instance(s) of extraordinary circumstance(s) where strict application of the Sporting Regulations does not

achieve safety, enhance competition, or ensure quality, fairness and integrity of the events and operations, Directors

and Officials may make a determination that is inconsistent with the Sporting Regulations. Such determinations are not

reviewable and to be deemed final.



Sports Car Championship Canada presented by Michelin (SCCC) and Emzone Radical Cup Canada presented by
Michelin (Emzone RCC)
is organized by FEL Motorsports, operating under FEL (Franczack Enterprises Canada Ltd.).
SCCC and Emzone RCC Organizing Committee has the authority for the organization and operation of the Series
events and is composed of the following members:

FEL President: Chris Bye
– cb@feldrives.com / 905.704.8585
FEL Motorsports Manager: Jessica Benevides
– jb@feldrives.com / 905.401.1138

FEL Motorsports Technical Director: Jayson van Eerdewijk – jv@feldrives.com / 647.688.0995
FEL Motorsports Race Director: Rolf von Engelbrechten –
rve@feldrives.com / 416.464.7800

FEL Motorsports reserves the right to change the members of the Organizing Committee at any time.

These Series Regulations shall be in effect from January 1, 2023 until December 31, 2023.

The precedence of Regulations shall be as follows:

FIA International Sporting Code
ASN Canada/GDS Sporting Regulations
The SCCC and ERCC Sporting Regulations
Event Supplementary Regulations
FEL Motorsports official published bulletins.
Instructions from the Race Director at the event


May 19-21, 2023 @ Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

July 14-16, 2023 @ Honda Indy Toronto

August 5-7, 2023 @ Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières (GP3R) (SCCC only)

August 18-20, 2023 @ Calabogie Motorsports Park (Emzone RCC only)

September 1-3, 2023 @ Canadian Tire Motorsport Park


2.1 – MONEY
All monetary amounts specified are in Canadian Dollars.


Sports Car Championship Canada Series and Emzone Radical Cup Canada Series are open to all drivers with a
valid Regional, National or International Road Racing licence issued by an FIA-affiliated sanctioning body including ASN

Canada/GDS, ACCUS, SCCA or one of their member regions who have the authority to issue such licenses.


All drivers entering
SCCC or Emzone RCC listed events must possess a current, valid FEL Motorsports Drivers Licence to
compete. Upon registration, entrants will submit current and valid Regional, National or International Road Racing licence

information. FEL Motorsports will distribute Drivers Licence cards at first event. Each registration for vehicle entry permits

one (1) driver to be eligible for a licence to compete.

2.3.1 – Additional Drivers

Additional drivers can be added to a vehicle entry. Teams must purchase an additional FEL Motorsports Drivers Licence

for $500 via the Teams Portal at felmotorsports.com prior the Monday before the event in which they plan to participate.

2.3.2 – Age Limit

Every person who drives a car in an event must posess a current FEL Motorsports Drivers Licence. The standard minimum

age is 17 years old. If a person is 16 years old, and has significant racing experience in formal organized Competition, they

may be permitted to race at the sole discretion of FEL Motorsports’ Race Director.


It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that all persons named on the entry observe all the provisions of the

general requirements, the FIA International Sporting Code, the Technical Regulations of the SCCC and Emzone RCC and

of these FEL Motorsports Series Sporting Regulations.

See 2023 SCCC Entry Fees and Package Details PDF (available in Teams Portal at felmotorsports.com) for details about

fees, included assets, deadlines, and late fees. Register online at felmotorsports.com/sportscar-registration Series Registration applications will receive an official confirmation notification from FEL Motorsports.


See 2023 Emzone RCC Entry Fees and Package Details PDF (available in Teams Portal at felmotorsports.com) for details

about fees, included assets, deadlines, and late fees. Register online at felmotorsports.com/radical-registration

Series Registration applications will receive an official confirmation notification from
FEL Motorsports.


The registration form must be accompanied by payment in full to cover the registration fees. Submission of the

registration form confirms that Drivers, Entrants and Participants acknowledge and accept the terms as described in this



Each team shall designate one person to act as the Team Representative. If none is designated, the responsibility shall

default to the Team Manager. If a Team Manager is not identified, the responsibility will default to the driver. This person

is the only person who may speak for the team officially including filing verbal or written inquiries and making changes

and additions to the team’s credential list. If this person must be changed during the event, the
Race Director must be
immediately notified in writing.

2.5.2 – Season Package Entry

Season Package Entry Registration for the
Sports Car Championship Canada Series or Emzone Radical Cup Canada
will be accepted until fourteen (14) days prior to the first event. Written intent to compete must be submitted
April 21, 2023. Teams should use their online profile to confirm event attendance at minimum one (1) month prior
to each event. Registrations submitted after
March 15, 2023 are subject to price increase (see Entry Fees and Package
Details Document).

2.5.3 – Single Event Entry

Teams registering for single events at a time must submit registration and payment in full one month prior to the event

or must pay late fees. Single Event Entries are not eligible for prizing or prize money unless the Series Registration Fee

($2,950.00 CAD) is paid before April 21, 2023 for the competing vehicle.


The entrant is at all times responsible for the conduct of their competitors and pit members, whether members of their

Team and/or Crew or not. An offense committed by a competitor may be charged to the entrant. Unpaid fines of the

entrant and competitors may be collected by deducting the amount from any prize money of the entrant.

2.6.1 – Credential Responsibility

The entrant is responsible for team credentials for the entirety of the season. Teams are entitled to six (6) annual credential

cards. Additional Annual Credential Cards are available at an additional cost.


An FEL Motorsports membership is non-transferable and non-assignable. It may be used only by the Member to whom

it is issued. Any attempt to transfer, lend, or permit any other person or entity to use it shall result in a fine, ejection from

the event, and/or refusal of participation in future events.

2.7.1 – Termination of Annual Credential Cards

If continued employment status of a crew member or card assignee is terminated, teams must return the annual credential

card to FEL Motorsports to cancel it or receive another in its place.

2.7.2 – Expiration of Annual Credential Cards

FEL Motorsports credentials expire automatically on December 31 of the calendar year in which the cards were issued.

2.7.3 – Single Event Credential (SEC) Cards
Single Event Credential (SEC) cards are available for each event at an additional fee. SECs allow access to restricted areas

at events (pit lane, technical inspection, etc.). SEC holders are treated as crew/pit members and represent the team and

FEL Motorsports. These members should be aware of and adhere to the rules outlined in the official FEL Motorsports regulation documents. The entrant is responsible for the conduct of SEC card holders and any offense committed by
competitors and pit members may be charged to the entrant.

Once an entry is accepted for an event, the entrant becomes obligated to attempt in good faith to compete in the event

to the best of their ability. In case of a driver who cannot participate at an event, FEL Motorsports may accept or decline

written request for withdrawal in its sole discretion.

2.8.1 – Withdrawal of Entry

Entrants must submit in writing any request to change the entry, including the withdrawal of entry, to FEL Motorsports no

later than one (1) month prior to the event. Requests for withdrawal submitted later than one month prior to the event

may no longer be permitted to withdraw or will be subject to a financial penalty of 50% of the event registration fee. If the

entrant does not submit a request for withdrawal, the entrant will be enrolled in the event activities and entrant forfeits the

registration payment.


FEL Motorsports
reserves the right to refuse entry to any applicant to participate at the Sports Car Championship Canada
and/or the Emzone Radical Cup Canada Series without stating a reason for such refusal and such refusals are final
and not subject to protest, Reasons may include:

Will not, or cannot, fulfill the required conditions.
Conduct or behaviour that is prejudicial to the reputation of ASN Canada/GDS, FEL Motorsports, promoters,
sponsors, organizers or to motorsport in general.

Refusal to accept the decisions of the Series Race Officials, the Series Technical Manager or FEL Motorsports.
Any one person, business or entity who has not paid a financial penalty (fine) during a previous season or previous
event including outstanding/unpaid accounts with
FEL Motorsports or any of the Sports Car Championship Canada
or Emzone Radical Cup Canada Series Partners.

The competitor will be advised in the event that a request to participate is refused, and
FEL Motorsports will return the
payment(s) for the registration at an event or will reimburse the rights for registration.

2.10 – PAYMENT

FEL Motorsports requires payment in full at time of registration. Payment via e-transfer, cheque, wire transfer, credit card,

or cash are accepted. Pre-payment options may be available upon individual request basis.

Note: As of January 1, 2023, FEL Motorsports will charge 3% on all credit card transactions.


Competitors shall attend all drivers’ meetings, autograph sessions, promotion activities and interviews as directed by
. Exceptions must be confirmed in advance with Series Officials. Also refer to Article 5.2.


All participants shall conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner particularly in relations with other

participants, officials, sponsor partners and the general public maintaining the highest level of behaviour and

sportsmanship and shall ensure that their actions are not detrimental to
FEL Motorsports or motorsports in general. All
participants are responsible for the conduct and behaviour of their crew and guests at all times including social media.

Teams are encouraged to be fan friendly.

3.2.1 – Conduct Infractions

FEL Motorsports, in its sole discretion, may distribute financial infractions for inappropriate communication or behaviour

including but not limited to:

Criticizing, ridiculing, or otherwise disparaging another person by way of prejudice
Acts or omissions that constitute a violation of the Sporting and/or Technical Regulations
Appearance, association, or affiliations at or away from an event that are deemed offensive, abrasive, in bad taste or otherwise inapppropriate
Publicly criticizing or disparaging FEL Motorsports or its officials and staff
Unsportsmanlike behaviour deemed by FEL Motorsports to be or to cause a situation unnecessarily dangerous,
negligent or otherwise innaproptiate

Participants at an event shall not consume alcoholic beverages during the performance of their duties at the race track.

The consumption of alcohol is prohibited until the end of any hearing procedure and/or the publication of the Official

Results. Any action taken, or penalty applied by the
Race Director in this regard is not subject to protest or appeal.


The use of any narcotic or illegal substance, as defined in law, or the improper use of legal substance, by any participant is

prohibited. Specifically – the use of Cannabis products before and during competitions is expressly prohibited. The
may prohibit participation if it is suspected that any substance has been consumed. Any action taken, or penalty
applied by the
Race Director in this regard is not subject to appeal.


FEL Motorsports
reserves the right to require any participant to submit to, and complete breath, blood, urine or other
tests designed to determine the presence of alcohol, narcotics, dangerous drugs, illegal substances or the inappropriate

use of legal substances. Such action is not subject to protest or appeal.


All broadcast, cable, video, internet, data and other rights in all other media at
FEL Motorsports events whether now
existing or hereafter developed, are the property of
FEL Motorsports who shall have the exclusive right to broadcast,
rebroadcast, copyright, sell, license or otherwise dispose of for any purpose whatsoever television pictures, video, motion

pictures, still photographs, electronic images, data and sound of all
FEL Motorsports events by any and all means, uses
and media now known or hereafter developed. Any broadcast, rebroadcast or reproduction without express written

permission of
FEL Motorsports is strictly prohibited.


All race car liveries must be submitted to
FEL Motorsports for approval prior to the first race event. Any and all changes
must be resubmitted for approvals.


The proper display of the emblem(s) and decal(s) of
FEL Motorsports, Series sponsors, award providers and other service
providers is an eligibility requirement for all entrants in all phases of every
FEL Motorsports event. The season Style Guide
can be found on the FEL Motorsports Team Portal.


Any change to the Team including without limitation car, car number, team name, or car manufacturer is subject to FEL

Motorsports written approval. To request changes, please email jb@feldrives.com at least one (1) month prior to the


4.3.1 – Spare Car Rule

As per ASN Canada/GDS General Competition Rule 8.13, both FEL Motorsports SCCC and RCC series do allow spare

cars to be entered and issued to a registered competitor provided that the appropriate ‘late entry fee’ is paid. A spare car

entry MUST be approved by the Race Director.

4.3.2 – Application of Spare Car Rule and Entry

If a team wishes to change a car mid-season, they should submit a request for change at least one month prior to the

event in question. Should a series-registered competitor request to use a spare car at an event less than one month prior,

in which they have already registered a primary car, that spare car entry will be subject to the series-specific ‘late entry fee’ of $800 CAD but, will not be required to pay an additional series registration fee.

Sports Car Championship Canada Series and Emzone Radical Cup Canada Series will accept multiple drivers per
registered vehicle. Additional drivers are allowed to collect points toward the championship for the vehicle they are

registered under. Additional drivers must notify FEL Motorsports of participation and submit the Additional Driver Fee

($500.00) before the Monday in advance of the event.


An AMB type transponder model X260 or equivalent must be installed in each registered car and the number of the

transponder submitted at time of registration. The transponder must be installed in the front of the car within the

boundaries of the radiator support. No time will be recorded during Qualifying sessions if the transponder in not

functioning. If a team needs to change transponders during the event, the new transponder number must be given to FEL

Motorsports officials at Technical Inspection.


In-car forward facing video cameras are mandatory with the recorded images made available at any time upon the request

of the
Race Director. Refusal to provide requested images are a violation of these Regulations and penalties may be
assessed resulting from such refusal.

4.6.2 – Camera Framing

Camera views must include some portion of the steering wheel and show driver steering inputs.


The Series will assign a race competition number for the current year. A specific number can be requested by a

competitor in writing except for the number (1) to be assigned to the overall champion from the previous year. The Series

is not obligated to allow the number requested by the competitor. The car number assigned must be on the car during

any and all on-track sessions.

4.7.1 – Founders Club Status

FEL Motorsports Founders Club Status Members hold permanent competition numbers. If a new competitor requests a

number that a Founders Member holds, they must get permission from that team to use the number for the season. If the

Founders Club Status Member declines, this decision is conclusive and new competitors must choose a different number.


An event includes Registration, Technical Inspection, Practice and Qualifying sessions and one or more races as per the

event schedule.

Prior to every
FEL Motorsports sanctioned event, the Race Director will conduct a mandatory scheduled meeting or all
drivers with the time and location communicated by an Official notice. It is recommended that a Crew Member also be in

attendance. The Series may also call an additional meeting(s) during the events that are also mandatory. A Fine of $50 will

be applied for late arrival and of $100 for non-attendance unless a written request for non-attendance is submitted to the

Race Director prior to the day of the meeting.

: Driver Meeting Notes will be created prior to each event and will reflect the track requirements or conditions that
are specific and unique to that event.

Any fuel transfer must include a dedicated person manning a minimum 5BC fire extinguisher.

5.4 – PIT LANE

There is no tire scrubbing in Pit Lane
The pit lane closest to the race track is the HOT LANE and the speed limit of 60 kph (unless otherwise stipulated in
the event Supplementary Regulations) must be maintained. If unable to maintain 60 km/h then use the TRANSITION

LANE – the next lane closer to the Pit Box. That lane is also used to drop down to, or move out from, the Pit Box.

BLEND LINE – All 4 wheels must be UNDER the blend line leaving Pit Lane; all 4 wheels must be OVER the blend line
when on the racing surface.

The choice of rain tires is the Team’s Choice, EXCEPT if imposed by the
Race Director due to weather conditions. Notice
will typically be given 45 minutes prior to the session.


The fastest lap time of the Event’s scheduled Qualifying Session determines the grid position for Race #1.
The second fastest lap time of the Event’s scheduled Qualifying Session determines the grid pisition for Race #2.
The finish position from Race #2 determines the grid position for Race #3.
Late arrivals to the False Grid may be gridded at the back of the grid at the discretion of the Race Director and/or the
FEL Series’ Grid Marshalls. In all cases, drivers presenting to the grid must obey the direction of the FEL Series’ Grid



All Point Funds will be allocated to the drivers of their corresponding registered vehicle for each event.

5.7.1 – Point Allocation – Single Event Entries

Single Event Entries are not eligible to collect points toward the championship unless the Series Registration Fee

($2,950.00 CAD) is paid before April 21, 2023 for the competing vehicle. Teams who miss the cut-off date will not be

awarded any championship points in the standings. The championship points will instead be elevated to the Series-

Registered Drivers based on their standings in the race.


Prize Money wins shall be paid to the drivers unless specified in advance by entrant.

5.8.1 – Prize Money Allocation – Single Event Entries

Single Event Entries are not eligible for prizing or prize money unless the Series Registration Fee ($2,950.00 CAD) is paid

before April 21, 2023 for the competing vehicle. Teams who miss the cut-off date are no longer eligible for weekend

draws, prizing, and prize money. The prize money will instead be elevated to the Series-Registered Drivers based on their

standings in the race.


All event competitors will be eligible to podium and win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies in their corresponding class

regardless of registration package.



The Entry Registration is a contract between the Driver and the Series. The Driver commits to comply with the Series

Regulations in their entirety. In cases of non-compliance, penalties may be imposed by the
Series and/or the Race
. Also refer to the FEL Motorsports Penalty Guidelines.

Any incident reported to the
Race Director of non-compliance, or infraction resulting from non-compliance, to:
The Series Sporting Regulations
The Series Technical Regulations
Series Bulletins
Event Supplementary Regulations

Race Director’s Instructions including but not limited to:
Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Avoidable Contact
Non-Compliance with flags or instructions from Officials

The Race Director may impose penalties including:
A Mandatory Drive Through in Pit Lane
A Mandatory “Stop & Go” or “Stop & Hold” in Pit Lane. A “Stop & Hold” may be of varying time frames, which will
be communicated to the team in the moment; these time penalties are not negotiable or contestable.

Loss of position on the start grid in the next race entered
A Loss Of Time penalty
EXCLUSION from a session or the event.
Series may impose penalties including:
Refusal of entry for subsequent event(s)
EXCLUSION of the Team and/or Driver from the Series for a period up to Two (2) Years


A driver excluded from a session or event for any reason is ineligible for Championship Points, prize money or any

award(s) for that session or event. In addition, entry to subsequent events may be refused as described in Article 2.4.