FEL announces licensing agreement for GT4 by SRO Motorsports

}  February 23, 2021

FEL is excited to announce that they have been granted a GT4 licence and have entered into an agreement with SRO Motorsports.

FEL would like to thank Stephane Ratel, Greg Gill and the entire team at SRO Motorsports for their confidence and support in the launch of our new sports car platform in Canada . This licencing agreement will ensure that our GT4 competitors will have a level field to compete on.

“The response from the Canadian sportscar community has truly been amazing. The quality of the teams that have stepped up, not only to confirm their participation but to also offer technical and logistics support has been humbling,” said FEL President Chris Bye.

FEL has pre-paid registration deposits from the following GT4 teams, AIM Autosport, GT Racing. Multimatic Motorsports, Paragon Competition, Pfaff Motorsports, R. Ferri Motorsports and Speedstar Motorsport. FEL is excited to see these teams field the following FIA homologated cars in our series, Audi R8 GT4, Ford Mustang GT4, Porsche Cayman GT4, Mercedes Benz AMG, GT4, McLaren 570S GT4 and Toyota GR Supra GT4.

These teams along with our TC teams make for some 20 cars with financial commitments to run the series. More news to come in the following days.

2021 Sports Car Championship Canada Tentative schedule

COVID-19 will continue to direct our path forward.

May 21,22,23 – Victoria Day SpeedFest – CTMP

July – TBD

August 6,7,8 – Calabogie Motorsport Park

August 27,28,29 – ICAR

September – TBD

October 1,2,3 – Celebration of Motorsport – CTMP

About SRO

SRO Motorsports Group is the established leader in GT racing with nearly three decades of experience. A range of international and domestic series catering for GT2, GT3, GT4 and touring car machinery form part of an extensive on-track program while the burgeoning sim racing scene has taken considerable importance through SRO E-Sport GT Series. Learn more about SRO at www.sro-motorsports.com.