FEL Motorsports announces new title sponsor for the Radical series. The new name of the series is the “Emzone Radical Cup Canada presented by Michelin (ERCC)”

}  June 30, 2021

FEL Motorsports is excited to announce that they have entered into a title sponsorship with Emzone. The partnership, which became official days before the first race weekend, will contribute to the prize fund for the Radical series. This sponsorship will change the name of the series to the Emzone Radical Cup Canada presented by Michelin (ERCC).

Emzone is a Canadian brand based in Brampton, Ontario with a large focus on supporting Canadian athletes, teams and organizations. Emzone joined forces with FEL Motorsports to assist with the prizing for the Radical teams throughout the series. FEL Motorsports and Emzone are proud to ensure a strong relationship.

Apart from ERCC, Emzone is also committed to contributing towards the Sports Car Championship Canada presented by Michelin by announcing the best-presented car of the weekend. The winner would be awarded a gift hamper, sponsored by Emzone. “We are thrilled to partner with Emzone to form the new series name – ERCC. Emzone is a highly regarded and trusted brand of Canada. It is a known brand to professionals and households when it comes to automotive care.” said Series Manager, Jessica Benevides. “FEL Motorsports wants the Radical series teams to know that we are working equally as hard to grow the Radical grid and generate interest and engagement. This partnership will help FEL Motorsports with prizing, and more cars on the grid means more money in the pockets of the winners at the end of the day,” said Benevides.